Knee: An isolated tibia plateau fracture

Not all tibia plateau fractures are the same.

This is the case of a 30 year old, with a tibia plateau fracture that was not too displaced. The injury was sustained after a fall from a ladder.

This could have been treated without surgery, but surgical treatment certainly has the potential for restoration of normal bony anatomy. This would decrease the risk of arthritis later in life (at least in theory).

The risk of infection certainly was not zero, as with any surgery. However, utilizing a shared decision making model, it was decided to proceed with surgical treatment.

Reduction consisted in preparing a cortical window (drilling a hole) and pushing the joint surface up by impacting cancellous allograft with curved tamps.

Here is a view of the plateau just before application of the steel plate.

A metal plate was applied to keep the alignment during healing.

The fracture healed in anatomic alignment, with the patient possessing full range of motion, no pain.